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The Pytrack shield allows you track your location using the onboard GPS and accelerometer.

Getting started

  1. Find the libraries for the Pytrack in the Pycom libraries repository on Github.
  2. Download the files and extract them into the project folder in Pymakr
  3. Click the upload project to device button. This will store all necessary files on the device and allow you to import them in the example
  4. Check the REPL. If you have Pybytes activated, the example will send the location data to Pybytes automatically.


The Pytrack has several examples:



The datasheet of the Pytrack is available as a PDF File


The Pytrack is certified for:


The pinout of the Pytrack is available as a PDF File


Battery Charger

The board features a single cell Li-Ion/Li-Po charger with a JST PHR‑2 connector. When the board is being powered via the micro USB connector, it will charge the battery (if connected).

Make sure you check the polarity of the battery before plugging it in! Connect the positive side to the side marked with a +.

Mechanical Dimensions

3D model for case design


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