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What is Pybytes?

Pybytes is a device management platform that empowers you by giving you full control over your Pycom devices. With Pybytes you have control over your device’s data stream and more:

  • Visualise the sensor data according to your interests by using our customisable dashboard;
  • Check the status of your entire fleet;
  • Track of your assets with our geolocation feature;
  • Distribute firmware updates on a scalable approach.

In a nutshell, Pybytes is an environment designed to optimise your IoT applications when using Pycom boards.

What does Pybytes offer you?

  • Data Visualisation: The Pybytes dashboard is customisable, allowing you to freely set up key performance indicators and time series data from all your sensors.
  • Intelligent notifications: Keep track of your device’s status, battery level, data streaming and measurements with pre-defined alarms.
  • Terminal: Execute commands to gather accurate information from your devices using Pybytes terminal shell.
  • Firmware updates over the air: Upgrade or downgrade firmware versions with our exclusive firmware update.
  • Track your assets position: Google Maps API means you can track your device’s geolocation.

Note: If the Pybytes website seems to be down for you, do not worry!

  • In Chrome, open developer settings using F12, click on the Application tab and Service workers next to the gear icon. Then, open the menu service workers from other origins and click unregister. That should solve the problem!

Let’s get started!

Pybytes unboxing

Pybytes device management platform


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