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What is Pymesh?

Pymesh is the LoRa full Mesh network technology.

Mesh networks essentially get rid of gateways, which decentralises the network’s infrastructure. This then means that the network becomes flexible, so it can do many wonderful things – such as generate, change and fix itself. The success of the Mesh network is down to its parts, as any node within the network will automatically connect to the best radio-link available.

Pymesh solution works on all of our LoRa supporting development boards, the LoPy4 and FiPy as well as on our OEM modules, L01 and L04.

What Pymesh offers you?

  • Ad-hoc communication network over raw-LoRa radio
  • Multi-gateway (Border Routers) Nodes that connect Mesh-internal data with the Cloud
  • Each Node uses LBS - Listen Before Talk
  • Security on multiple levels ** base level: authentication and encryption using AES 128bit key, so all traffic inside Pymesh is secured ** advanced level: RSA or AES at application level allows private communication channels above Pymesh.
  • Any LoRa device (Lopy4/Fipy) can have any of the Pymesh Node Role: Leader, Router, Child or Border Router.

Let’s get started!


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