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What is Pylife?

The Pylife App is our digital dashboard, where you will find all of your PyGos and their owners. It has messaging, mapping and visualisation features, all in a bid to connect a community of people.

We have spent years in the technology field developing multi-network solutions. This means that the Pylife app will work with five different types of network. That means that you’re not paying for a device that only works in certain cases.

  • Create groups, invite your people add devices;
  • Create alerts from templates for your devices, configure them;
  • Monitor activity of your devices, receive real-time updates;
  • Share your activity with your people through groups;


The PyGo is not a toy!
To avoid danger of suffocation, please keep out of reach of babies, children, and pets. These must be supervised when a PyGo is attached to them.

IMPORTANT: Please make sure you first open the PyGo case inside a building (out of sight of Satellites) and proceed to updating the firmware via the Pylife App as described below.

Let’s get started!


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