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Pymesh Library

What is Pymesh micropython library?

The Pymesh Micropython library is a set of frozen scripts in the Pymesh firmware binary release; the open-source scripts are available on github

If Pybytes is used, then Pymesh is already started and pymesh object can be obtained by simply using ( from github):

# todo: add try/except for checking pybytes object exists
pymesh = pybytes.__pymesh.__pymesh

If Pybytes is not used, then the Pymesh network has to be started manually. The is shown in the following code snippet ( from github):

import pycom
import time

    from pymesh_config import PymeshConfig
    from _pymesh_config import PymeshConfig

    from pymesh import Pymesh
    from _pymesh import Pymesh

def new_message_cb(rcv_ip, rcv_port, rcv_data):
    ''' callback triggered when a new packet arrived '''
    print('Incoming %d bytes from %s (port %d):' %
            (len(rcv_data), rcv_ip, rcv_port))

    # user code to be inserted, to send packet to the designated Mesh-external interface
    for _ in range(3):


# read config file, or set default values
pymesh_config = PymeshConfig.read_config()

#initialize Pymesh
pymesh = Pymesh(pymesh_config, new_message_cb)

# mac = pymesh.mac()
# if mac > 10:
#     pymesh.end_device(True)
# elif mac == 5:
#     pymesh.leader_priority(255)

while not pymesh.is_connected():

# send message to the Node having MAC address 5
pymesh.send_mess(5, "Hello World")

# def new_br_message_cb(rcv_ip, rcv_port, rcv_data, dest_ip, dest_port):
#     ''' callback triggered when a new packet arrived for the current Border Router,
#     having destination an IP which is external from Mesh '''
#     print('Incoming %d bytes from %s (port %d), to external IPv6 %s (port %d)' %
#             (len(rcv_data), rcv_ip, rcv_port, dest_ip, dest_port))
#     print(rcv_data)

#     # user code to be inserted, to send packet to the designated Mesh-external interface
#     # ...
#     return

# add current node as Border Router, with a priority and a message handler callback
# pymesh.br_set(PymeshConfig.BR_PRIORITY_NORM, new_br_message_cb)

# remove Border Router function from current node
# pymesh.br_remove()

# send data for Mesh-external, basically to the BR
# ip = "1:2:3::4"
# port = 5555
# pymesh.send_mess_external(ip, port, "Hello World")

print("done Pymesh init, CLI is started, h - help/command list, stop - CLI will be stopped")

# while True:
#     time.sleep(3)

Additionally, users can install the Pymesh mobile application which is available here for both iOS and Android platforms. It allows users to connect over BLE to a Pymesh node and find out network information.


An example of possible output is below.

At any point pressing Enter will result in the attempt to execute CLI commands. More details are found in Pymesh library CLI.

rst:0x7 (TG0WDT_SYS_RESET),boot:0x13 (SPI_FAST_FLASH_BOOT)
configsip: 0, SPIWP:0xee
mode:DIO, clock div:1
entry 0x400a05e8
MAC ok 11
Settings: {'ble_api': True, 'MAC': 11, 'autostart': True, 'debug': 5, 'LoRa': {'sf': 7, 'region': 5, 'freq': 863000000,'bandwidth': 2}, 'ble_name_prefix': 'PyGo ', 'Pymesh': {'key': '112233'}}
LoRa MAC: 0xb, short: 11
OT stack: 6412
Statistics file ok?!
============ MESH THREAD >>>>>>>>>>>
3: MAC 0xb(11), State Detached, Single True
['fdde:ad00:beef:0:0:0:0:b', 'fdde:ad00:beef:0:0:ff:fe00:c400', 'fdde:ad00:beef:0:2c1a:56c0:ebbd:d46', 'fe80:0:0:0:200:0:0:b']
>>>>>>>>>>> DONE MESH THREAD ============ 40

BLE name: PyGo 11
Role 3, Single False, IPv6: ['fdde:ad00:beef:0:0:ff:fe00:c400', 'fdde:ad00:beef:0:0:0:0:b', 'fdde:ad00:beef:0:2c1a:56c0:ebbd:d46', 'fe80:0:0:0:200:0:0:b']
>Role 3, Single False, IPv6: ['fdde:ad00:beef:0:0:ff:fe00:c400', 'fdde:ad00:beef:0:0:0:0:b', 'fdde:ad00:beef:0:2c1a:56c0:ebbd:d46', 'fe80:0:0:0:200:0:0:b']
Role 3, Single False, IPv6: ['fdde:ad00:beef:0:0:ff:fe00:c400', 'fdde:ad00:beef:0:0:0:0:b', 'fdde:ad00:beef:0:2c1a:56c0:ebbd:d46', 'fe80:0:0:0:200:0:0:b']
Role 3, Single False, IPv6: ['fdde:ad00:beef:0:0:ff:fe00:c400', 'fdde:ad00:beef:0:0:0:0:b', 'fdde:ad00:beef:0:2c1a:56c0:ebbd:d46', 'fe80:0:0:0:200:0:0:b']
============ MESH THREAD >>>>>>>>>>>
13: MAC 0xb(11), State Router, Single False
['fdde:ad00:beef:0:0:ff:fe00:c400', 'fdde:ad00:beef:0:0:0:0:b', 'fdde:ad00:beef:0:2c1a:56c0:ebbd:d46', 'fe80:0:0:0:200:0:0:b']
Leader: mac 0x4, rloc 0xb800, net: 0x591354fb
Socket created on port 1234
Neighbors Table: [(mac=6, role=3, rloc16=28672, rssi=-67, age=0), (mac=4, role=3, rloc16=47104, rssi=-97, age=4)]
Neighbors: Router MAC 0xB, rloc16 0xc400, coord (51.45, 5.45313), neigh_num 2, ts 14
MAC 0x6, rloc16 0x7000, role 3, rssi -67, age 0
MAC 0x4, rloc16 0xb800, role 3, rssi -97, age 4

>>>>>>>>>>> DONE MESH THREAD ============ 76

Send message to 5, typ 0, load Hello World
Added new message for 5: Hello World
Send message b'\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x0b09\x00\x0bHello World'
Send pack: 0x10 to IP fdde:ad00:beef:0::5
done Pymesh init, forever loop, exit/stop with Ctrl+C multiple times


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