Add a device to Pybytes

In this section, we will explain to you how to add a device to Pybytes

Step 1: Add device wizard

In Pybytes, go to Devices Page:

  1. Click on Add Device.

  1. Select your device (e.g., WiPy, LoPy, SiPy, etc.);

  1. Select your network option;

  1. Enter a unique name and the network credentials (SSID and password) for your device;

Step 2: Connect your device to Pybytes

At the end of the "Add Device" wizard, Pybytes will show that your device profile was successfully created.

Select how you would like to connect your device to Pybytes:

  1. Connect your device quickly (Recommended)
  1. Connect your device by flashing Pybytes Library

From firmware 1.16.x onwards all Pycom devices come with Pybytes library built-in /frozen folder. That means that you can choose between adding your device quickly with the firmware updater or you can flash Pybytes library manually.

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