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Datasheet & Pinout

The pinout and datasheet of the Pyscan is available as a PDF File

ROHS certification

Pyscan Libraries

  • Pyscan libraries to use the RFID/NFC reader are located here
  • The accelerometer library is here

Pyscan components:

  • Accelerometer: ST LIS2HH12
  • Ambient light sensor: Lite-on LTR-329ALS-01
  • RFID/NFC reader: NXP MFRC63002HN, 151


The Windows 7 driver for Pyscan is located here.

For other Operating Systems, no driver is required.

Battery Charger

The board features a single cell Li-Ion/Li-Po charger with a JST PHR‑2 connector. When the board is being powered via the micro USB connector, it will charge the battery (if connected).

Mechanical Dimensionsde

3D model for case design

  • Please see the [3D model] (/gitbook/assets/PyScan_v0.7.step) (step format)


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