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Note: Orient the RGB LED / reset button over the USB connector on any expansion board

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The datasheet of the FiPy is available as a PDF File

Antenna drawing

The drawing of the LTE-M antenna is available as a PDF File.


The Fipy is certified for:


The pinout of the FiPy is available as a PDF File

Please note that the PIN assignments for UART1 (TX1/RX1), SPI (CLK, MOSI, MISO) and I2C (SDA, SCL) are defaults and can be changed via software.



Do not use the 3.3V pin in combination with the Vin pin to supply the device as this will damage the voltage regulator on the board.

Antenna placement

Always attach the appropriate antenna when using a wireless connection (LoRa / LTE / SigFox). For WiFi / BLE, it is not mandatory to use an external antenna when you did not explicitly specify this in your code.

AT Commands

The AT commands for the Sequans Monarch modem on the FiPy are available in a PDF file.


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