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Helium is a LoRaWAN service that allows you to send and receive LoRa packets from your nodes. The network allows for cost-effective wireless infrastructure using the new HNT blockchain as an incentive for the creation of public gateways.

At the moment, it is not possible to mine HNT on the Pygate or nano-gateway.

Create an account

Go to to create an account and verify your email-address. Once your account is registered, you can select to add a device

Add a device

To add a device, click Devices in the left hand menu bar and Add device on the following page. The following screen will pop up:

Give your device a human-readable name. All other credentials should be filled in already. After successful creation, the device will be shown. You can use the credentials in the LoRaWAN OTAA example.

Register a gateway

For more information about registering a gateway, we’d like to forward you to the Helium Docs. Note that the Pygate uses a Semtech UDP forwarding architecture, and you will need to configure your own miner.


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