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On this page, we will explore the Multicast DNS feature. MDNS is very useful for connecting to a device of which you do not know the IP address, and works similar to the Domain Name System, on a local network without the need for a DNS server. You can use the hostname.local url to connect. To be able to use MDNS on your computer, you might need some additional software.

  • Windows:
  • MacOS: built in!
  • Linux:

Use MDNS for a Telnet connection

from network import MDNS
MDNS.set_name(hostname ="pycom", instance_name="pycom")
MDNS.add_service("_http",MDNS.PROTO_TCP, 80)
MDNS.add_service("_telnetd", MDNS.PROTO_TCP, 23)

When this is running on your development board, you can go to your terminal and try ping pycom.local. The second service activate the telnet link, so you can also try telnet pycom.local and connect to the REPL through this method!