Pycom documentation

Welcome to the Pycom documentation site. The documentation is broken down into 5 sections, we recommend reading through all the sections to familiarize yourself with the various tools and features available to you to help you develop on your Pycom module.

All the new Pycom modules are based on the same ESP32 chip and therefore share similar Pin outs and firmware. The majority of the documentation is applicable to all Pycom boards with separate sections for tutorials and firmware references for using LoRa and Sigfox. If you want to get started quickly, read through section 1 then feel free to jump straight into the tutorials and examples in section 3 to start building your project.

Note that this documentation is only for our ESP32 based producs like the LoPy, SiPy and WiPy2.0. For the WiPy 1.0 powered by the CC3200, please go to

As always, we will continue to add to our documentation and we welcome any suggestions or improvements.

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