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Add Sigfox device

Before you start you need to create Sigfox account. You need Pycom device with Sigfox to get your Sigfox account. Follow these instructions.

Create Sigfox API credentials

Once you have you account setup and are logged in Sigfox backend, you need to create API credentials for Pybytes.

Click on GROUP → <your_company_name> → API ACCESS → New

In the form chose arbitrary name, select LIMITED_ADMIN and Profile and click on Ok.

Copy Login and Password to the clipboard.

In Pybytes go to Settings → Sigfox API or follow this link then paste in the form.

Sigfox contract types

Sigfox DevKit contracts

Read more how to use Sigfox with devKit contract.

DevKit contract

Sigfox custom contracts

Read more how to use Sigfox with Custom contract.

Custom contract


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