Pyscan Libraries

Pyscan libraries to use the RFID/NFC reader are located here: The accelerometer library is here:

For the time being, we recommend to upload the MFRC630.mpy file via FTP due to current limitations of Pymakr that will be fixed shortly.

Libraries for the rest of the components will be added soon.

Pyscan components:

Accelerometer: ST LIS2HH12 Ambient ligh sensor: Lite-on LTR-329ALS-01 RFID/NFC reader: NXP MFRC63002HN,151


The Windows 7 driver for Pyscna is located in: For other Operating Systems there's no driver required.


The pinout of the PyScan is available as a PDF File.

Battery Charger

The expansion board features a single cell Li-Ion/Li-Po charger. When the board is being powered via the micro USB connector, the expansion board will charger the battery (if connected).


The specsheet of the PyScan is available as a PDF File.

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