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How to Open Pymakr Online

The two different ways of opening Pymakr Online

Pymakr Online can be opened in two different ways:

1. from the device page, which will open Pymakr Online linked to that device

2. from Pymakr Online initial page, which is accessible from the side bar menu.

Pymakr Online initial page

The differences between the two ways of opening Pymakr online

From the device page

If you have opened Pymakr Online from a device page, you may notice:

  1. Device activity indicator. To track what’s going on between the Pymakr Online and the linked device.
  2. REPL terminal.
  3. Save and upload current file. That will save that file on the cloud and upload it to your device.
  4. Refresh hierarchy. That will request the device its hierarchy, in case the files structure has been changed.
  5. Download file. That will request the file from the device, forcing the download of it. Warning: that will override your changes in case you haven’t uploaded the file to the device.

From the Pymakr initial page

  1. Save/export button.

Since there’s no device linked in this way of opening Pymakr Online, there are no device related actions here (download file, device activity indicator etc). Instead, you decide what you are going to do with your code:

Modal opened after clicking on Save/Export button


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