Support & Troubleshooting

In order to make your experience with Pybytes more enjoyable, we're working our best to provide you with feedback, fixes and solutions.

Account Management

For support on account management problems including login problems, billing, password recovery and others contact us at [email protected]. Please include a descriptive email subject starting with "Pybytes - ..." as this will speed up our support process (Ex. "Pybytes - Can't log into my account"). Within your email, please give us as much info as possible, be generous with your description of the problem - we don’t mind long-winded emails!

Bug Reporting / Troubleshooting

To report a bug and get feedback on possible behaviour issued or abnormalities, please refer to our forum at There you will a find a category called "Pybytes Beta", where you can submit your questions, bug reports and other issues. Note, you will only be able to comment/create posts within here if you are part of the Beta Programme.

Please keep in mind that this is the regular channel, our support team will make the best to reply as soon as possible.

While reporting a bug please include the following information in your report.

  • Username
  • Device ID (if applicable)
  • Problem Description
  • Expected behaviour
  • Actual behaviour
  • Connection Method e.g. WiFi, LoRa, Sigfox (if applicable)

... and we love images and code samples in your bug reports!


To ask any questions about Pybytes or to give us feedback or new ideas, please go to and do so in the category called "Pybytes Beta".

We’re grateful for your time and efforts during this Beta Testing Stage. All your feedback will be welcome - give us the good, the bad and the ugly. In return, we’ll work to give you a fast-evolving platform and ultimately a great experience!

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