This page will change as updates are added with each platform update. This should be treated as a release log and that features may appear/disappear over time.



The Dashboard allows for Pybytes users to manage and visualise their data. You can create widgets, terminals and other visuals. These are dynamic and will respond to the incoming data from your device. Examples for sensors, etc. will be provided as the Beta progresses.


Pybytes allows users to locate their devices even if they do not have a GPS/use a Pytrack Shield. Please be aware that you will need to add credit to your account as this service is provided via an external API (we are charged per location request).

Rotational Storage

Pybytes uses a rotational storage technique for storing your data. This means, you can freely use our servers to store the latest x amount of data from your devices and when this gets filled, it will erase the data from the beginning of the time period. If you wish to obtain more storage, this may be purchased through Pybytes at a later date (along with the ability to export your data).

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